I'm Paul Hart-Wilden

I write stuff and make movies.

I was born in England then woke up one morning in Los Angeles, California.

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There's nothing quite as awesome as animals. Fortunately I'm very lucky my job gets me involved with all sorts of creatures. I'm also kinda lucky to live with three incredibly photogenic animals - which I make no apologies for the number of times I take photographs of them.


People are kinda fascinating... not as fascinating as animals, but interesting nonetheless. I should probably take more pictures of people... but c'mon... there's animals!!!


Depending on my mood, either everything is worth photographing or nothing is... it's not something I have much control over but fortunately the times when nothing is worth photographing are very few and far between.

Everything Else

Hopefully over time I'll put up some more galleries of different things and even more exotic animals - or maybe I should just set up an instagram account. If I don't get round to either, feel free to bug me about it.


Cow In a Pond

Well, after having the website be 'dark' for the best part of a year, possibly even longer... seems like now is as good a time as any to dust off the old html editor and put something out into the webisphere...


I wrote a book. It's a collection of short stories. You can buy it from amazon, barnes&noble - for kindle, e-readers and even as a physical thing made out of paper.

The Good Old Days

In the process of putting this together I had to do a bit of spring cleaning and found a whole bunch of old crap up on the server... if I can find the time, I'll try to see about putting all the old stuff up online.

December 22nd, 2014

Oh man... I'd forgotten how much work it is/was to put one of these things together.

It's almost Christmas, the end of one year, beginning of another...

Let's hope we all have a good one...



Making Movies

So I've been working in the movie making business for a while now... over the years the making of movies has changed and become a lot more like the making of reality TV programs. If you wanna see all of that stuff then you should check out the company website here: MONKEY FARM

Lights... Camera... Action

There's been lots of movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos and short films. I've written them, produced them, directed them, or just simply worked on them.

Still trying to figure out the split between here and the company website... so for now, if you want to learn more about the work side of things then you should head on over to the MONKEY FARM website.